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Simple, effective

Easy to order. Good price. Fit perfectly and works well. Arrived quickly.

2 Nutri Ninja 24 oz Cups with Sip & Seal Lids and 1 Extractor Blade Replacement Combo 483KKU486 408KKU641 409KKU641

Oster Replacement partsm ini- blend jar top is cracked. I need a Replacement please

Mini-Blend jar screw on top came cracked, would like a replacement please

Good service. Was pleased to be able to order the glass jar for my blender which is probably 50+ years old.

2 Pack Motor Gears Replacement Part Compatible with NutriBullet 600W 900W Blenders NB-101B NB-101S NB-201

Fit well

It was the right item for my blender. I am very happy that my blender is not grinding anymore.

Wish I knew that bottom of glass was a separate order but good service.

Lid isn’t tight, top doesn’t fit

2 Gray Gasket Replacements for NutriBullet 600W 900W Extractor or Flat Milling Blades NB-101

Saved my Magic Bullet

Great price and excellent service. The part was re-engineered to improve it’s durability.

Working good

Very satisfied with the replacement and price.

Satisfied Customer

I am very happy I found this company online and was able to find this extractor blade for a reasonable price and not have to buy a brand new NutriBullet. At first, I was trying to figure out how to fix it on my own. But buying this made it so much easier and it works great! Also, was surprised how quick I received it in the mail and did not have to pay shipping! Thank you so much Blender Parts!

Great service

Order was quick, correct. Nice service

The right part

The correct part was received as ex[ected.

Worked out perfectly

I needed new gears for my Magic Bullet. The replacement parts arrived quickly, and fit perfectly.

Vintage(1976) Osterizerer blade and glass blender replacement

Everything was great, except the white plastic top the goes on the 4 cup measure. It had a big crack. Was going to call about it. I've been on vacation from 1/13-23, so just saw it today. Please replace that piece. Thank you

Base with gasket

Good material and perfect fit !!

did not receive them yet!

I have not received this yet!

Better than the ones that come with the machine

There is an additional plate on the bottom with these that should have been part of the original design. I love these replacements though.

Happy place

first rate service, prices and hassle-free.

Never Received - Correction

I'm sorry. My.mistake in thinking the package was never delivered.
I tried tracking the package from a previous email. It was left at a little-used entrance and I hadn't noticed it was delivered 4 days ago!

Oster Blender Blade and Gasket Combo

Excellent service. Quick delivery and good price.

Perfect Fit

Perfect fit
Corrugated cardboard shipping box protected the parts in transit.

2 Gray Gasket Replacements for NutriBullet 600W 900W Extractor or Flat Milling Blades NB-101

Blender gaskets

Thrilled to be able to find my ninja replacement gaskets