2 Pack Ice Crusher Blender Blade Cutter 4961-011 with Gasket Replacement Part Compatible with Oster & Osterizer


2 Pack Ice Crusher Blender Blade Cutter 4961-011 with Gasket Replacement Part Compatible with Oster & Osterizer

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2 Pack Oster 4961 Ice Crushing Blade Replacement Parts Include Rubber O Ring Gaskets.

Crushes ice and blends ingredients with precision.

  • Compatible blenders: 006803-000-NP0; 006803-000-N01; 006811-C00-NP0; 006811-C00-N01; 006843-000-NP1; 006844-000-NP1; 006844-000-N01; 006844-NP1-BG3; 006847-NP1-BG3; 006878-000-NP0; 006878-000-N01; BLSTCC-GFP-NP1; BLSTCC-RFP-000; BLSTCC-RFP-N01, 006694-015-RNP; 006694-015-R01; 006694-B00-RNP; 006694-B00-R01; 006694-R00-000; 006694-R00-R01,BCCG08-AM0-027; BCCG08-PR0-027; BCCG08-RM0-NP0; BCCG08-ST0-027, BLSTFG-C00-000; BLSTFG-R00-000, BLSTMG-RM0-015; BLSTMG-B00-NP0; BLSTMG-B00-N01; BLSTMG-W00-000, 06629-BG3-NP0; 006629-BG3-R01; 006629-BK0-NP0, BLSTMP-B15-NP0; BLSTMP-B15-NP1; BLSTMP-B15-N01; BLSTMP-R15-NP1; BLSTMP-W15-NP1; BLSTMP-W15-N01, 006642-000-N01; 006642-000-NP0; 006647-000-NP0; 006647-000-N01; 006684-000-NP0; 006684-000-N01, 006812-027-NP0; 006831-000-NP0; 006831-000-N01; 006832-000-NP0; 006832-000-N01, 006845-000-NP0; 006845-000-N01; 006812-001-NP0; 006812-001-N01.
  • Compatible Jar: 124461-000-000, 084036-000-000, 083818-002-089;
  • DOES NOT FIT Oster Pro 1200 or Oster Versa blenders.

Refresh and revive your Oster blender.

  • Oster 4961 Ice Blade dimensions: 2 3/16 inches (height) x 2 9/16 inches (diameter);
  • Oster O-Ring Gasket dimensions: 1/16 inches (height) x 2 9/16 inches (diameter).
  • Package includes:
    • 2 (two) Stainless Steel 4-point Ice Crushing Blades, replacement part # 4961;
    • 2 (two) Rubber O Ring Gasket replacements.

Disclaimer: Not an OEM product. This is not an Oster original product. This is a generic replacement part compatible with Oster. Any use of the Oster brand name, model or part designation for this product is made solely for purposes of demonstrating compatibility.

Weight 0.01625 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 4 × 4 in

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Delivered as Promised

I was disappointed with Oster when the blades broke after using the blender for about 6 months, and I was leery of ordering the replacements online from a company I wasn't familiar with. However, BlenderPartsUSA came thru for me with quick delivery and the right parts. The blades fit and are more substantial than the originals, and I have a backup if these should break too. Thanks.

Excellent Service

I was very pleased with my purchase from BlenderParts USA. The product shipped the same day I placed the order. Very prompt and efficient.