2 Pack Oster 1-Cup Mini-Blend Jar for Oster Blenders Part # 4937


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This 1-Cup Mini-Blend Jar’s compact, shallow design is convenient for chopping, grinding and pureeing foods like spices, coffee beans and baby food.

  • One cup BPA-free container with lid.
  • Good for blending baby food, grinding coffee beans or spices.
  • Convenient lid to store blended ingredients.
  • Fits most Oster blenders

Package contains 2 (two) Mini-Blend Jars for Oster Blenders

Weight 0.64 lbs

Customer Reviews

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Mary Thuresson
Quality always wins.

The plastic items are much thinner than the original parts. The replacent seals are much thinner and require being very tightly sealed otherwise liquid leaks and hard to unscrew.

Nancy Heintzman
Cheaply made!

I bought the original Oster Blender back in 1967 that came with the 1 cup mini-blend jar which I still have. Out of curiosity I weighed the two and the original was 1 oz heavier than the new ones. The lids are flimsy.

Mike Tandysh
Great Buy

We have been having to puree my mom's food. These 1 cup mini-blend jars work great. No more dirtying the large blender jar for small amounts of food. And they store great in the fridge.

Vernon Badrinath
Works perfect

Perfect for small quantities and grinding spices. Got two jars with this purchase. Will reserve one for fresh ground coffee. Good buy.

Gladis da Silva Menare

2 Pack Oster 1-Cup Mini-Blend Jar for Oster Blenders Part # 4937