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Magic Bullet Party Cup Mug Green

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Replace your Magic Bullet Cup with this party mug and you will not regret it the next time family and friends come over for a shake.

The biggest buzz kill to a great smoothie evening with your friends is when a friend’s glass has a leak or just too old from continuous uses to present.

The Magic Bullet Party Cup Mugs are made so you can make and serve your drink all in one mug.

The Magic Bullet Party Cup Mugs can be used to make your favorite smoothie or even your favorite alcoholic drink.

Fits the Original Magic Bullet MB-1001 ONLY!

  • Cup capacity: 18 ounces.
  • Cup dimensions: 5.5" Height x 3.25" Diameter

Please ensure compatibility.

Compatible with Magic Bullet blenders only.

Customer Reviews

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One good one bad

I am assuming that the one without a handle is good because it is identical to my 15+ year old one down to the color and injection molding lines, if not then I will not know for a long time because I have given up and am going to continue using the cheap one that in no time one of the three clips used to spin in place already broke off. The machine works with only two. In the last few months this was the third cheap slightly blue colored soft plastic one that has had one of three of its clips break within a few days. This review may be too generous.

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Brand new

The blender replacement blade works and fits perfectly . This website was very helpful in leading me to the correct part for my particular blender model.

Gasket replacement

I have an OLD,OLD,OLD ( REALLY OLD ) Hamilton Beach blender that the gasket seal was BAD, cracking and leaking. I thought I would TRY to get a replacement part , AND OH MY GOSH you actually had them. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You. Now I am back to making smoothies !!!!!!!!!

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