6-Cup Stainless Steel Jar 6-Piece Replacement Set with Fusion Blade for Oster Osterizer Blenders

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6-Cup Stainless Steel Jar 6-Piece Replacement Set with Fusion Blade for Oster Osterizer Blenders.

Fits most Oster and Osterizer blenders. DOES NOT FIT Oster Pro 1200 or Oster Versa blenders.

6-Cup Stainless Steel Jar Features:

  • Commercial quality stainless steel will not rust, corrode or break;
  • Open at both ends for easy cleaning.
  • Cup dimensions: 9 inches (height) x 7.5 inches (depth) x 5.5 inches (width).

Package includes:

  • 1 (one) 6-Cup Stainless Steel Jar with Handle and Lid, replacement part # 304;
  • 1 (one) stainless steel 6-point fusion blade replacement part # 004961-011-NP0;
  • 1 (one) lid and filler cap, parts # 014357-050-090, 024997-010-089
  • 2 (two) sealing rings, part # 004900-003-NP0
  • 1 (one) bottom cap replacement part # 004902-003-NP0;

Disclaimer: Not an OEM product. This is not an Oster original product. Any use of the Oster brand name, model or part designation for this product is made solely for purposes of demonstrating compatibility.

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Weight 1.1 lbs
Dimensions 7.5 × 5.5 × 9 in

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bad thread match, but repaired no problem

I could not get the plastic base piece to thread onto the stainless steel jar, the threads on the stainless steel jar are not very/actually perfectly matched to the threaded plastic base piece, making it impossible to use unless I did something to fix the problem, to which I used medium grit sand paper and gently and evenly sanded on the plastic treads of the base piece, sand until the threads are flat enough to finally match the threads on the jar and eventually enough sanding will result in a good fit, try not to over sand as that might make the base piece fit loose or result in a leaky situation, if your capable of doing this it will work.