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Magic Bullet Tall Cup Replacement


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Tall Cup is even more versatile…just toss in fresh fruit, ice and a splash of fruit juice and the Magic Bullet becomes a personal smoothie machine, pulverizing the ice and giving you a perfect, nutritious smoothie or meal replacement fat loss drink in 8 seconds.

Magic Bullet Tall Cup is microwave safe and dishwasher safe. That means you can prepare all your meals, then cook them and store the leftovers in the same cup.

You can easily attach your Magic Bullet Cross Blade or Magic Bullet Flat Blade to the Magic Bullet Tall Cup.

Magic Bullet Product Dimensions:

  • Magic Bullet Extractor/Flat Blade Dimensions: 1.5″ Height x 3.5″ Diameter
  • Amount of Magic Bullet Blade Fins: 6 fins
  • Magic Bullet Tall Cup: 5.5″ Height x 3.25″ Diameter
  • Magic Bullet Short Cup: 4″ Height x 3.25″ Diameter
  • Magic Bullet Colored Cups: 5.5″ Height x 3.25″ Diameter
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